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The SKIP Program is comprised of an experienced team with diverse clinical and professional backgrounds.

David Kolko, PhD, ABPP

David is Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology and Pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to his work with SKIP, his research also covers a variety of topics including child antisocial behavior, such as childhood firesetting and juvenile sexual offending; child physical abuse; child maltreatment; and adolescent depression and suicide. David initiated the SKIP program in 2000 to study the implementation of mental health in pediatric practices throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. He has continued to develop and improve the program in the decade since its inception to more efficiently transport effective interventions for clinical programs to the community. He routinely presents trainings and professional seminars internationally.

Jessica Maga, LPC, NCC

Jessica completed her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology at Towson University. As a Clinical Care Manager of the Services for Kids In Primary-care (SKIP) Project, she collaborated closely with PCPs to provide psychoeducation, training and consultation on assessment, treatment, monitoring of symptoms, as well as determining treatment outcomes. More recently, she has held the position of Clinical Supervisor at a Partial Hospital Program for children with chronic mental health diagnoses.

Megan Grivas, MA

Megan served as the Clinical Care Manager for the SKIP Program for several years. Currently, she holds the position of Mental Health Therapist for the Pace School.

Amy Laughlin, MS, NCC, LPCM

Amy holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Chatham University. She has been a member of the SKIP Program for several years, serving primarily as a clinician in the SKIP Collaborative Care Management Study. Amy has advanced training and expertise in treatment of ADHD and other childhood behavior disorders. Her clinical interests center on early identification and treatment of childhood behavior disorders and on consultation and supervision of clinicians working in the collaborative care model.

Oliver Lindhiem, PhD

Oliver is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. His research interests include measuring and predicting treatment response and outcome and optimizing treatment delivery for childhood disruptive behavior disorders. With support from a K01 career development award, he is currently developing novel methods and tools for measuring and promoting the acquisition and utilization of cognitive behavioral skills that are taught during the course of psychosocial treatments.

Dara Sakolsky, MD, PhD

Dara is a researcher, clinical psychiatrist, and pharmocologist at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, where she has been a member of the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh for over 10 years. In her clinical practice, Dara utilizes evidence based treatment approaches for the management of disruptive behavior disorders and ADHD, serving as an instructor and mentor to medical and psychiatric residents and fellows. In addition to the SKIP program, her recent research includes the treatment of anxiety using cognitive-behavioral therapy alone as well as in combination with sertaline; and the role of antidepressant exposure in treatment response for adolescents with treatment resistant depression.

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