The SKIP for PA Study (Services for Kids in Primary Care, SKIP) is a treatment research project for families of children who are between the ages of 5 and 12 years. We are trying to better understand how we can improve behavioral health care services provided at primary care providers' offices.

Pennsylvana AAP Pennsylvania Medical Home Program
Orientation Video
Learn About the SKIP for PA Study
SKIP for PA Orientation Video

Want to learn more about SKIP for PA? Watch our 3-minute orientation video to find out more about participating.

Watch the SKIP for PA Orientation Video
Participant Login

Login here if you are an enrolled pediatric professional.

Login to Provider Portal

If you are an enrolled caregiver participant, you can access Caregiver assessments with a one-time link sent by the SKIPforPA team. To request a new link, please use the link below.

Request a Caregiver Assessment Link
DOCC Caregiver Education Guide

The Doctor Office Collaborative Care (DOCC) Caregiver Education Guide is full of suggestions, information, and practical exercises you can use to help improve your child’s behavior. The materials are based on our treatment experiences and study findings from working with many families. This caregiver education guide is offered for download free of charge to anyone who would like to use it.

Read the DOCC Caregiver Education Guide